Aspidites melanocephalus

The Black-headed Python (Aspidites melanocephalus) is a very large robust species. Quite striking in appearance and easily identified by their distinctive glossy black head neck and throat, their body is covered with a series of banding continuing down their length. Some animals retain this banding for their lives and others fade to a much less contrasting appearance. Like Womas, BHPs lack the heat sensory pits that other pythons have, and are also the other known cannibalistic species of python. Blackheads will eat almost anything put in front of them and with attaining sizes of around 2.5 meters, they can certainly get a large meal down. Their diets in the wild almost completely consist of other reptiles including venomous snakes and lizards. There are 3 locality forms of Blackhead, Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland. Although they are all classed as exactly the same animals, each area can have quite distinct characteristics, especially considering the 1000’s of km separating these different area forms.

They are a terrestrial python that is mainly nocturnal, but can be occasionally seen basking in the day time. It is believed that one of the functions of their black head and neck is to be able to be an efficient heat absorber protruded from cover to absorb heat, while allowing them to keep the rest of there bodies hidden from any potential predators. We keep two of the locality forms, NT and QLD.

We have found that BHPs are very intimidating to some people, especially when they have some good size on them, but they are in the most part quite good to handle and easy to maintain. They are certainly more bluff than anything else and will rarely actually bite, rather headbut as a form of trying to initiate some intimadation, or create some space between themselves and their keepers. However, once out of their enclosures they are normally quite settled and handle very well.

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BHP - QLD Charter's Towers locality, and Calico bloodline.
BHP - NT "Sullivan line".

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